Shooting Film

Minolta AL 35mm Camera

An odd thing happened once I had access to a Sony 7RIV and that was not wanting to go out and shoot with it. For longer than I can recall, […]

Not Tonight Honey…

Photography and Photoshop Tutorial by Dubtastic

“I need to dress up like a woman for this photo.” Would venture a guess that not many wives want to hear this.  However, if you are married to me, […]

We Are One

Face Merge in Photoshop

Here is another image I created back in 2009 as a part of my “Project 52” that never made it off the ground.  I have been having fun going back […]

Free Fall: Behind The Scenes

How is this for a throwback? This was originally taken back in 2011, if I recall.  I setup some strobes on the side of the house and thought it would […]