Polaroid Emulsion Lifts

Polaroid Emulsion Lift

Last year I stumbled across a Polaroid at a local Good Will store.  There was a tray of film in it, but the camera showed no sign of power.  I […]

Shooting Film

Minolta AL 35mm Camera

An odd thing happened once I had access to a Sony 7RIV and that was not wanting to go out and shoot with it. For longer than I can recall, […]

Little Elina – Video Experiment

With all of the creative work I have done in my life, so little of that involved video.  Thankfully, through a need that arose at work, I have been having […]

Twirl Effect Photoshop Action

In an Instagram group chat recently, a fellow photographer shared with us what he believed was a trending idea, which was something called the twirl effect.  He shared a screenshot […]

Nike Ad: Just Don’t Quit

I have lately come to enjoy going back through older photos to see if how I view them has changed. Would I still process them the same? Do I see […]

Nike Metcon Train & Trial

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a few photos at at Nike Metcon Train & Trial. Hosted by Butchertown CrossFit in Louisville, Kentucky, this event brought the Nike Metcon […]

Not Tonight Honey…

Photography and Photoshop Tutorial by Dubtastic

“I need to dress up like a woman for this photo.” Would venture a guess that not many wives want to hear this.  However, if you are married to me, […]

We Are One

Face Merge in Photoshop

Here is another image I created back in 2009 as a part of my “Project 52” that never made it off the ground.  I have been having fun going back […]

Dubtastic Handwriting Font

I have used my handwriting on enough projects where it was just easier to make it a font. This was my first pass at making a font and plan on […]

Free Fall: Behind The Scenes

How is this for a throwback? This was originally taken back in 2011, if I recall.  I setup some strobes on the side of the house and thought it would […]

Snow Day Marker

During a snow day last year, to keep my youngest daughter occupied, I thought it would be cool to take her handwriting and turn it into a font. I have […]

Trip to Fenway

In January of this year, I traveled with my company to Boston for an event.  While I was there, we had a day of down time and I was able […]

D700 vs D750

For the past many years, I have shot primarily with a Nikon D700.  Sure, there are lots of new options out there that I could upgrade to, but I honestly […]

Documenting Life

OK, I realize that this might not be the most earth shattering blog post of all time, but my daughters sure did get a kick out of this happening right […]

Capture the Open

I have photographed my fair share of functional fitness, and while it might not seem like a big deal to many, one of my personal goals was to photograph every […]