AI and Film Cameras

AI Generated version of a Nikon 35mm film camera themed with H.R. Giger visuals

Am I slow to the game if I admit that I am just now dipping my toe into the AI waters? Does it make me old school that I am not creating a Reel or YouTube about it, but instead, writing a blog like some ancient mummy?
Either way, here we are.

One of the biggest inspirations for testing out AI with camera images comes from photographer and artist Andrea Pizzini. I came across this Sony image that he created using AI and thought it was fantastic.

I love the images he has created with Sony cameras. Just some really fun and creative work. His focus, given that he is a Sony shooter, is obviously to create Sony-related images. Which naturally led me down the film photography path to see what I may be able to create.

At first, I started with just some simple commands, mainly to give me a better understanding of where I could start. The images below were to be of a film camera outside of an abandoned home. My goal was to create a dystopian environment and I think the AI did a great job with that.

AI generated images of medium format film cameras in front of abandoned houses.

I thought the apocalyptic vibe was great in these and it brought back memories of watching and reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy for some reason. With a slight adjustment to the commands, the images changed entirely. Specifying the type of film camera, such as 35mm opposed to just saying “film camera” produced vastly different results. I wanted to see what 35mm style cameras it would create, but with a military twist.

AI generated images of military style 35mm film cameras.
It should be obvious here that with specific inputs, the AI will create something closer to what you want. For example, telling it to create a 35mm camera will give you specific results compared to telling it to just create a camera. With lack of instructions, it tends to be more varied.

AI generated images of various medium format film cameras in a dystopian setting.
Where I think Andrea did so well was pushing the visual of the bio-mechanical elements into the camera image itself. Thinking along those lines, I brought some H.R. Giger into the mix to create some of my favorite images in this experiment.

AI generated image of a Holga-like camera with gold plating and H.R. Giger theme.

AI generated image of a Holga-like camera with gold plating and H.R. Giger theme.

AI generated image of a Holga-like camera with gold plating and H.R. Giger theme.

A final experiment was to take some of the inputs I had been using, mix them around a bit, and then try to bring even more of an H.R. Giger flare into the image. Once I had a few images to work with, I upscaled them in AI and then brought in additional elements from the Aliens movie.  Here was one of the results that I liked the best:

H.R. Giger themed Nikon 35mm film camera generated by AI and edited in Photoshop.

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