Little Elina – Video Experiment

With all of the creative work I have done in my life, so little of that involved video.  Thankfully, through a need that arose at work, I have been having a blast working in Premiere Pro and learning the ropes.

This was just a little experiment to see what I could do with a photo of mine.  I brought the photo into Lightroom for the initial adjustments, and then into Photoshop for the heavy lifting.  While I was there, I broke the image down into different layers/planes that I wanted to animate.  I grabbed some stock cloud timelapse footage for the background via Motion Array and the rest was just putting it together the way that I wanted.

Image out of LR:

Here is the image as I broke it apart into different elements, along with the other resources I used to put the video together:

If you want the resources I used, here is where to get them:

There are 3 flares used in the video as well and I would link those if I could remember exactly where I got them from.

The steps of making this once I had all of the elements were simple, and just a matter of stacking everything the way that I wanted it. I applied a subtle Ken Burns effect to the giant and the treeline to enhance some of the movement as well.

Final Animation:

Open YouTube video in a new link and watch there.

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