And now for something a little different: Paracord

This year for Father’s Day, my girls bought some basic paracord materials for me.  I have always wanted to know how to make them.  What started with 3 colors, a package of buckles, and a small book, has really turned into something else all together. I made two quick bracelets for my daughters and a few for myself.  Strangely enough, I found this very relaxing to do.  Cross stitch for dudes, I guess.  I can’t explain it, but it was just fun to do.

Like anything else, there is a community, lingo, tools, and entirely different world all to itself with any hobby.  I am the first to admit that if my survival depended on being able to use the paracord in some of my creations, then I would probably be screwed.  I tried taking one of them apart and it was miserable.  I get it, a lot are for looks.  Which is why we go and get the fancy colors, beads, and shackles.

Regardless, a hobby is a hobby and I have also enjoyed photographing what I create.  I have thought about some different ways to shoot these and one day should I find enough free time, I might just setup a little mini-studio to take some photos.  Who knows.  For now, however, here are some recent creations:

I am saving most of my creations as well as others that I thought were cool to Pinterest, for those wanting to follow along.

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