Trip to Fenway

In January of this year, I traveled with my company to Boston for an event.  While I was there, we had a day of down time and I was able to use that to check off a bucket list item: visit historic Fenway.

First, I have to say, I absolutely love the cold weather.  But Boston was a whole different level of cold.  It was a really sharp cold and probably one of the very few times when I actually felt like I might freeze.  I had on a hoodie, jacket, scarf, and full face/head cover at one point and was still cold.  The natives seemed a little uneasy with me walking around like this though:


A co-worker and I hopped in a cab and took a stroll over the Fenway for the tour.

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Fenway-16Fenway-10 Fenway-11 Fenway-12 Fenway-13 Fenway-14 Fenway-15  Fenway-17 Fenway-18 Fenway-19 Fenway-20 Fenway-21 Fenway-22 Fenway-23 Fenway-24 Fenway-25 Fenway-26 Fenway-27 Fenway-28

Talk about a tour worth every penny.  As a kid I always loved baseball.  I remember staying up late hoping to catch an A’s game.  Fenway seemed like this magical place to me and I was in awe the entire time.  The original seats were amazing.  The tour guide told us that on a regular basis, people coming to a game would walk down and ask to see a certain seat because it was where their grandparents used to sit.  Such much history and nostalgia in a single place.  Absolutely amazing.

Of course the highlight for me was the green monster, Fenways massive outfield wall, and as the tour guide put it, “the best seats in all of baseball.”  The entire park was everything that I had envisioned in my head growing up and it felt surreal to even be there.  There was some construction happening on the field itself, preparing for a big event coming up, which bummed me out a little as I just wanted to see the field as it usually is.  Maybe one day I will be able to catch an actual game there.

On the way out, it was a must to stop and get a hat and hoodie.  It didn’t even matter if it was horribly overpriced.  Just knowing that I got it at Fenway meant the world to me.

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