Capture the Open

I have photographed my fair share of functional fitness, and while it might not seem like a big deal to many, one of my personal goals was to photograph every Open workout at my home gym, CrossFit Bluegrass.  Every Saturday, I woke up extra early so I could workout before the chaos hit.  Then I would break out my camera and photograph as many heats of each week as possible. I was pretty pleased to be able to photograph all 5 weeks.

Here are some highlights.

CFBG-162-1 CFBG-162-2 CFBG-162-3 CFBG-162-4CFBG-165-13 CFBG-165-12 CFBG-165-11 CFBG-165-10
CFBG-165-2CFBG-165-9 CFBG-165-8 CFBG-165-7 CFBG-164-2CFBG-165-6 CFBG-165-5 CFBG-165-4 CFBG-165-3  CFBG-165-1 CFBG-164-10 CFBG-164-9 CFBG-164-6
CFBG-164-8 CFBG-164-5 CFBG-164-4 CFBG-164-3  CFBG-164-1 CFBG-163-3 CFBG-163-2  CFBG-162-6 CFBG-162-5 CFBG-161-3

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