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H.R. Giger themed Nikon 35mm film camera generated by AI and edited in Photoshop.

Nikon 35mm H.R. Giger Edition

I used AI to create the base image and then edited this Nikon 35mm film camera into an H.R. Giger edition.  Details and more variations on the blog.

AI Generated version of a Nikon 35mm film camera themed with H.R. Giger visuals

AI and Film Cameras

Am I slow to the game if I admit that I am just now dipping my toe into the AI waters? Does it make me old school that I am […]

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What Photographers Should Know When Transitioning From Film to Digital

What Photographers Should Know When Transitioning From Film to Digital

Various kinds of cameras have been gaining popularity lately, but digital cameras are still very much in demand. The market for digital cameras is still growing. And it will likely […]

21 Year-Old 35mm B&W Film shot on a Canon A-1

21 Year-Old B&W Seattle Filmworks Film on a Canon A-1

Back in 2019, I must have been feeling rather ambitious about shooting film because I placed a few orders for some film that did nothing but sit around here at […]

Olympus Stylus Epic DLX point and shoot camera and 3M expired 35mm film from Target

Olympus Stylus Epic DLX with Expired 35mm Film

One of the many cameras sitting on my shelf is the Olympus Stylus Epic DLX and if my memory worked at all, then I might be able to recall the […]

Minolta Explorer 35mm and 20 year old expired film

20 Year-Old Film and a PAS Camera

I recently found this camera in our basement, and to my surprise, it still had a roll of film in it.  Not only that, but I had taken about 12 […]


LomoChrome Purple X Holga 120N

At some point in my time shooting film, I plan to have a better understanding of what I am doing to avoid getting a black roll of film.  Sadly, that […]

Kodak Tourist camera

I spent nearly $50 on this roll of film

Up until the past few years, most of the film cameras that I have in my possession have been decoration.  The small shelves I purchased makes them a perfect addition […]

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24 Exposures Film Challenge

24 Exposure Film Photography Challenge

I created this challenge as a way to help get me out of a creative rut.  The plan will be to take one camera, one roll of film, and one […]

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